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Our Mission, Vision, and Core Values!

The objective of Igbo Heritage, Inc. is to be the leading organisation that will positively showcase Nd'Igbo to the world, while creating an enabling environment that will foster a closer relationship between Nd'Igbo in Diaspora and in the homeland.

The Heritage web portals, igbonet.com and igbonet.net, will encompass all aspects of Igbo life, including politics, culture, education, business, entertainment, etc., with the intention of bringing together Igbo enterprise in Diaspora and at home. The Heritage magazine will be used to reach the Igbo grass roots who do not have access to electronic media, and sensitise the youth to positively participate in building a strong, virile, and prosperous Igbo nation that will rise to the challenges of the new millennium.

The Heritage attaches much importance to the unity of umuIgbo and shall align with groups, agencies, and non governmental organisations that seek to bring awareness and enhance development of human and material resources in Igboland.

Based on the results of an exhaustive research survey of a wide spectrum of the Igbo and other successful nations and organisations, the Heritage team shall be guided at all times by the core values of Integrity, Resourcefulness, Intuitiveness, and Reliability.


  • The Heritage will deliver services when and how it says it will
  • Team members trust each other to do what they say they are going to do
  • There is confidence across the team that people in this organisation are committed to delivering on the organisation's promises
  • Team members are always clear on their ability to meet others' needs - they let people know if there is a problem
  • The Heritage will always deliver on commitments
  • The Heritage will deliver consistent levels of service again and again


  • The Heritage will be known for following cutting edge technology leads
  • This organisation will go out of her way to source the services the Igbo need
  • Team members can ask and get help outside their immediate area of responsibility
  • The Heritage will always find ways to deliver extraordinary service - beyond expectations
  • People in the Organisation are encouraged to come up with creative solutions to problems
  • Team members are all confident in the application of technology and systems to enhance their jobs


  • The Igbo nation is at the heart of everything done at the heritage, satisfying her needs is second nature to members of the organisation
  • Data and knowledge of the Igbo is inherent in all decision making and planning
  • The heritage members value differences in age, taste, environment and filial background and tailor solutions to peculiar/unique needs
  • There is deep respect for the various sub-cultures and dialects within the Igbo nation
  • Although the Heritage is a global organisation every team member will be treated as an individual
  • There is an alignment of goals across the organisation and everyone knows that they are working to a common purpose
  • Every team member has easy access to exactly the right information when it is needed


  • Actions are always consistent with the overall strategy, the business ethics, and core values
  • The Heritage will always take responsibility for her own actions
  • The Igbo, clients, and other organisations that the Heritage deal with will be made to know that they will be treated firmly and fairly
  • Laws and regulations are made clear to everyone and applied in both internal and external relationships
  • Every member of the team feels they are treated with respect
  • The Heritage will employ the best people for the job at all times!

Engr. Odo Akaji
Igbo Heritage, Inc.



 The Heritage has offices in North America, Europe, and Africa

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